Professional Basingstoke enthusiast. (dachelle) wrote in badmrfangirls,
Professional Basingstoke enthusiast.


New member here...I see a few familiar names from the TWoP MR forum. As I mentioned over there, I am very new to Smallville and MR fandom, but I'm already obsessed. In the past week I've somehow managed to save over 40 pics of MR to my hard drive. I've given up seeking help for my addiction and am giving in.

Um, other info about me - I'm a huge fan of Buffy ::sniff:: and Angel. I run the quasi-official website for former Buffy and current Angel staff writer Drew Goddard, who's quite the hottie himself. Oh, and I go to law school, but that's not very interesting.

That's it! Looking forward to being all fangirl-y with y'all.
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