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Michael Rosenbaum Owes Me a Frickin Orgasm.

I just finished dubbing off my *sixth* copy of Rave Macbeth in two days, and I still have three more to go.

Well, not today!! If I have to see the bitchy girlfriend put on that fugly white fright wig one more time, I'm gonna punch a hole in my TV. My one consolation is, once that scene comes on, the movie's only a few minutes away from being over.

Anyway... got vacuuming and dusting done while I was dubbing off the first copy this morning, then stuck copy #2 in the machine and went out to do some errands. Got home just in time to see The Fugly White Wig o' Death, then I put copy #3 in to run.

And now copy #3 is done, and I'm gonna go have something to eat and watch something I actually *want* to watch -- the Farscape and Queer as Folk eps I taped last night.

Yanno, I don't care if MR is hung like Jeff Stryker... there are some things that go *wayyyy* above and beyond the call of fangrrrly adoration, and sitting through Rave Macbeth six times in a row definitely qualifies.

So, Mikey, if I ever meet ya in person... you know what you need to do. ;)
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